Holliday Quarters, Med Force One

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Holliday Quarters, Med Force One

Post by Beowulf on Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:23 am

It had been a very long day. The travel from Liberty, the tour of the ship, the meal at the lounge and more walking, finally, Ashlea and Doc arrived at his quarters. Despite their being tired, they were in good spirits. Doc was feeling a little of the Cognac he had consumed over dinner but could handle it as he seemed to cuddle up closer to Ashlea.

He unlocked the door and motioned for her to enter. Doc followed, removing his robe and hanging it in a small closet to the left of the door while Ashlea stood and admired.
"It's home," he stated, "I figured if I'm going to spend weeks or months on end up here, make it roomy and comfortable."
A large living area was just off to the left with a coffee table, sofa, recliner and love seat. In the far corner of it was a large desk, obviously his office. It was a half circle as it doubled as his com center. Various pictures of people were about the quarters as well.

To the right of the door was a another open area taken up by a black baby grand piano. Aside a bookshelf near it, this was all that occupied this area.
To the far back of the quarter was a sizeable kitchen area with a full service bar making the boundary between kitchen and living area.
"Make yourself at home," Doc said as he headed for a double door across from the kitchen area. He could tell she was still absorbing her new surroundings. The door went into his large bedroom with attached bathroom. There he removed his work clothes in favor of something more comfortable like a set of sweats pants. He took a moment to splash his face to wake up a bit. Still not putting on a shirt, he just wrapped himself in a tweed bath robe and tied it tight. As he left his room, he saw that he had left her standing at the door.

"Sorry, Dahlin'," he snickered, "I'm so used to my evening routine that..." He stopped realizing how silly he was being. He then went over to the bar, took to glasses from the overhead glass holder and poured them full of a sparkling water. Taking them, he walked back over to her with a smile and handed her one, "I do hope you like where you will be staying. I keep a spare quarter across the hall for the kids."

He then raised his glass to her, "A toast?"


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